Short-term or long-term.

Whether Serviced or FITspace®, we make it right for your business.


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Serviced Offices and FITspace®.

If you want a flexible, cost-effective and hassle-free office solution that can be short or long term, a Serviced Office is ideal. However, if you have a longer term plan, want slightly bigger space, want your own independent space that reflects your brand identity, any of our three tiers of FITspace® solutions is your answer. OfficeNetwork will provide the solution that matches your business' needs.

Serviced Offices Serviced Offices are ideal office solutions for businesses that need greater flexibility – which is good if you anticipate changes down the road. They are minimal hassle and cost effective. Your business can enter into a lease contract that suits your situation – allowing you to sign up for as little as one month at a time. Serviced Offices are fully managed, so you can get down to business fast, all the while feeling confident that as your business changes, the space can too, allowing you to increase, cut back or change.

Serviced Offices are fully functional workspaces, available on demand from world-class providers. OfficeNetwork has an extensive database of over 20,000+ serviced office locations, including major providers, like Regus, WeWork, The Executive Centre and a network of regional providers in large and small cities around the world.

How Serviced Offices Work:

Find: We provide you with a list of vetted providers and locations that fit your exact requirement every time.

Save: You benefit from non-standard business and financial terms.

Repeat: We manage your renewals with a focus on reducing your annual spend.

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FITspace® Offices FITspace® solutions were invented by OfficeNetwork, and have three tiers of options. Each gives your business a custom-designed space that is aligned to your business’ brand and style of working. We help you accomplish it pain-free by expertly managing contractors anywhere in the world to build out your office on time, on budget and on strategy. All you do is manage your business, not your move.

A FITspace® Office solution allows you to maintain the flexibility and benefits that a Serviced Office solution provides (like managing your telephones, internet, cleaning, and kitchen supply orders), and rolls all the costs of doing so into one monthly fee. We make it simple. Short or long term, we'll put the right solution together for your business.

How FITspace® Offices Work:

Find: Several potential locations that best fit your requirements.

Plan: Get go-forward plans based on your needs.

Build: You choose the solution, we'll do the rest.

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How to choose the right flexible office provider.

Three reasons to choose OfficeNetwork:

  • 1 Count on a dedicated partner with extensive working knowledge of your market needs.
  • 2 Rely on our proven ability to identify, evaluate and procure the best workspace solutions to meet you specific requirements.
  • 3 Trust in a partnership and process that you can depend on time and again to develop your flexible office portfolio.