Flexible offices solved.

Need to open a flexible office? We've got solutions.

Flexible offices can be a pain.

OfficeNetwork has developed pain-free solutions that give you the versatility to have a
flexible office up and running quickly and easily, anywhere in the world. Here's how we do it:

We know the world of flexible offices.

  • 1000+ square feet

    Putting together solutions 10,000 sq.ft. and less is what we do best.

  • 125 countries

    We have experience, contacts and coverage in over 125 countries.

  • 85% international

    Wherever you go, we go. 85% of our transactions are in cities outside North America.

  • 40+ specialists

    We have over 40 flexible office experts around the world to help you find your fit.

Find the right fit for your flexible office.

Is a FITspace® Office right for you?

FITspace® is a scalable, longer-term solution for flexible office space. It is ideal if you have a slightly larger team, need to be in the market longer and/or wish your office to reflect your brand identity. We'll get you there with greater flexibility, speed to market and cost savings using either of 3 tiers of options:

  • Complete: Your own custom-built, fully managed office.
  • Turnkey: End-to-end design, project management and fit-out.
  • Flex: A custom space in a new or existing serviced office.
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Is a Serviced Office right for you?

If you only plan to be in a specific location for less than 24 months, Serviced Offices are ideal. Leverage our comprehensive network of international and regional providers to find a serviced office that's perfect for you.

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Looking to expand, globally?

We fit for your business perfectly.

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“The OfficeNetwork team has been instrumental in helping my firm
achieve our goals of cost savings and portfolio flexibility.”

– Steve Hirai, Senior Director, Corporate Services, Cloudera